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Blub Minter Is Now Open!
please send exactly 50 ada to the address below
do not send from an exchange
happy minting!

What is a Blub?

BloobzVSBlobz is the first ever battle-verse NFT system living in the Cardano blockchain. There are 1,000 unique bloobz and 1,000 unique blobz that both hate each other owned by YOU.

The two factions living in BlubWorld will compete to become the top Bloob or Blob through different rare attributes that will amount to the "power level". After minting, similar power levels will battle. The loser's NFT is burned forever. The winner exalts to the next power level.

Are you #TeamBlob or #TeamBloob?



What is a

Blobz are the lazy, meek clay guys you see playing video games, eating off the floor, asking their parents for money in your day-to-day life within BlubWorld. Although they may not seem athletically adept, their power comes from their knowledge. #TeamBlob



What is a

The only thing worse than a Blob is a Bloob. Not as lazy as a Blob, these clay guys actually have a drive, a drive for chaos. Within BlubWorld, you can find these guys using their raw power putting cats in trees, beating up old ladies and kidnapping babies. #TeamBloob




During the minting phase, come back to this page to collect your Bloob or Blob. Each character is procedurally generated and no two Bloobs or Blobs are the same. Each Blub will be 50 ADA. One NFT per transaction. There is only one drop ever. There are only 1,000 of each so be quick! 

A buyback wallet will be initiated to buy 100% of all Blubz priced below the mint price of 50 ADA everyday at 21 UTC until a floor price of at least 100 ADA is established on a 7-day-average.

A 5-day referral Giveaway will be initiated and 200ADA will be airdropped to 3 winners.

Game UI dashboard and collection on-page system will be revealed and tested for the world to see and interact with.

Raffle tickets will be drawn and one lucky Blub holder will receive 5,000 ADA airdropped into their wallet. All Blubz will have a happy home. Phase 2 will begin within 90 days from here.

Collect your blub



Level Your Blub

Using community events, stake pool holdings and account milestones - collect tickets and add them to your account within our online database to increase your Blub'z power level. There is a power level associated with every account along with a power level associated with every Blub within each account.



Battle Your Blub

Once all Blub'z power level's are locked, then Blub owners can participate through locking their Blubz head-to-head against opposing factions based on a tiered ranking system. There will be a 5 tiered ranking system with only 5 battles per tier taking place every day spanning 50 days. The matchmaking system will be randomized. The strongest Blub within the battle will increase their power level to the next tier, while the loser will have their NFT burned forever. The goal is to have the strongest Bloob or Blob. 


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earn from Your Blub

After the battling season - The top 100 Blub Holderz will be airdropped weekly and keep 100% of the 2% royalties of Blubz on the secondary market - Earn 100% higher stake pool rewards - and have a chance to be airdropped up to 1,000 ADA as a one-time reward until the next season has begun (3 months).

How does it work?


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